Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No Spend September Results!

                     So, betcha  you might be wondering how did my no spend September go? 

Well, it went amazing!  I stuck faithfully to my no spending resolution.  I even asked my hubby NOT to buy me a birthday present...which he reluctantly honored.  It was a great financial exercise and guess what... I survived!  The biggest news is that we ended up paying off our mini van!  Yea!!  We sold our beloved Mountaineer and swiftly applied that money to our car loan...then we took some funds from our savings account and said "See You Later Mini Van Debt"!  Bye Bye!!  I am thrilled to say we are now debt free minus the house.  And...that's next.  I love the freedom in knowing that we owe nothing to nobody.  With the new year approaching we are looking over our financials and asking some questions.

                                               Where can we give more?

                                               Where can we pinch pennies more?

                                               Do we have our will updated?

                                              Are we investing enough in retirement?

                                              Are we spending frivolously?

Just some thoughts for us to ponder...and maybe for you as well!